Pegasus, the winged horse ®

Do you believe in magic? Would you like to meet a real winged horse?

"“Pegasus, the winged horse” is a show which allows you to live directly the experience of meeting a real winged horse. Pegasus leaves nobody indifferent, whether it's on its seasonal magical shows.
Pegasus is a real horse equipped with last generation robotic wings, built and designed specifically to simulate the real experience of bird flying. Within its creation the aim was to give realism to their movements and to engage the crowd with its on stage beauty, without leaving out any detail so immersion can be total.

You can’t miss it, it’s unique!

Do you want to know its history? And to meet its friends?

The book "Pegasus, the Winged Horse" (avaiable on our shop) is a fiction adventure for all audience, especially the young ones. On its pages you can go through the history of Pegasus and how he embarks upon an eternal friendship with an adventurous girl.