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Welcome to the Medieval Castle
of the Counts of Valltordera
Medieval Show
fearless gentlemen
beautiful ladies
magnificent horses
Live Music
Spanish and flamenco dance festival
horse show
Part 1

You shall be participants of a unique experience enjoying our fabulous Medieval Show and also a Medieval-style dinner.

Part 2

Later in the Big Dance Hall we have an after-show live performance of our Musicians and Dancers along with the added attraction of our beautiful horses.
Part 3

Finally to culminate in a captivating Spanish Dance and Flamenco by our Ballet.
This will be a unique experience and a night to be remembered!
This incredible medieval spectacle will give you an adrenaline rush thatlater you can unleash dancing the night away, leaving you still in aweof our musicians, dancers and beautiful horses from our Festival of Dance
Medieval Castle
of Valltordera

Here at the castle, we offer you a magical medieval evening where you can enjoy more than 3 hours of medieval entertainment!
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